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Services We Provide

Employment Services: This can be discovering jobs they may enjoy or exploring job skills they have, teaching employment skills by using volunteer opportunities or in home tasks list, job coaching at the employment site, and exploring startup services.

Community Integration and wrap around: This service is utilized to provide people supported opportunities to participate in community activities tailored to their interests and also allow for exploration of new activities that may interest them.

Personal Assistance: Assistant provided to people who require supports in their home. This service can be utilized to assist with home management skills or to provide family members with additional supports to utilize during times they can’t be in the home with their loved ones. This service can be combined with Community Integration and employment services to ensure a well-rounded quality of life.

Supported Living: A type of residential service that helps you to learn new skills, keep skills you already have, or improve those skills. There are different levels of Supported Living based on the number of people who live with you and the number of staff who works with you and your housemates. You get to help make the decision as to who you live with and where you live. How much it costs to rent a home/apartment/duplex also helps in making the decision of where you live. This service provide supports in your  home, we can help locate and secure a home and provide staffing according to the documented desired support needs this can be 24/7 supports or may be daily supports. This service promotes independence and teaches people to complete daily living skills, providing a safe living environment.

Community Living Supports: This is a service that provides living supports to people in their own home or apartment. Staff are in the home to assist each person with their specific goals to attain a life as independent as possible. There are varying levels of assistance provided in this service you may not have supports everyday but will always have access to a support professional in the event of an emergency.

Family Model: A type of residential service where the person supported lives in the home of a trained caregiver who is not a family member. There are different levels of Family Model Residential Support. The supported person would be responsible for paying room and board to the provider and the family’s responsibility would be to provide the person supported with tailored person centered supports and a safe living environment in a family like atmosphere.

Semi-independent Living: drop in or check in services for someone who requires minimal assistance such as transportation to appointments, medication assistance, grocery shopping assistance etc…

Intensive in home behavioral family supports: This service provides BCBA and RBT behavior therapy in the home as well as support professionals who receive specialized training to provide behavioral modification, crisis intervention and support to families to prevent placement outside of the home. This service is a tiered service and as progress in made the hours of specialized supports may fade but trained staff will remain in place to support the family. Those supported in this service will have access to behavioral teams and psychiatric care 24/7 if needed.

Intensive behavioral community transition and stabilization services: This service is utilized for people who require intensive supports for a short amount of time or during transition but can complete some tasks on their own or do not require a high level of restrictions and interventions. Typically people supported in this service need assistance transitioning from a restrictive environment or from a family home and have expressed a high level of self-harm or physical aggression. The support team will assist the person with learning the tools and skills necessary to live in a less restrictive environment and promote independence.

Comprehensive Behavioral Supports for Employment and Community Living: This service is reserved for those people who require intensive behavioral therapy, staff who receive additional and specialized training, highly restrictive and secured environment to be safe in the community. This is a tiered service and people who are supported in this service will receive a high level of supports which will fade as they are able to live a less restrictive and more independent life. Those supported in this service will have access to behavioral teams and psychiatric care 24/7 if needed.